Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance at Aeroseum AB


The use of camera surveillance aims to provide increased security for visitors and staff.

Legal basis for processing.

We handle your personal data based on a balance of interests, as we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data for crime prevention purposes, as well as ensuring the security of our services.

Recording video in public and public areas at Aeroseum.

This constitutes support for the security company for preventing, or assisting with, the following:

  • Ongoing vandalism.
  • Serious events that pose a threat to individuals or property.
  • Further investigation of previously reported crimes such as theft, threats or violence.

Specific recordings of events relevant to ongoing action or investigation to secure evidence can be stored for periods determined by the relevant legal authorities.

Your privacy is very important to us.

Aeroseum AB will not resell your data, however, data may be processed by companies with whom we cooperate, regarding security and surveillance, IT operation of camera systems, fault reporting and remote support.

  • These parties may not use information about you for any purpose other than to provide services for which they are engaged.
  • Data may also be processed by the relevant legal authorities when necessary.


Recorded material is only stored for a period sufficiently long for the purpose for which it was made.

Recorded material may be stored for a longer period to comply with legal requirements or in legal interests, e.g., if there is a legal process underway.

  • You have the right to receive information about whether your personal data is processed by us, and what this data is, in such cases.
  • You have the right to request rectification of any incorrect or amended information at any time.
  • You must contact us personally to request information or rectification.

Email to: or call 031 55 83 00.