1100-1600        Circular flights with Osterman Helicopter/Storm Heliworks. (fee) 

1000-1600        Control a SPI helicopter yourself. (fee) 

1000-1600        Undertake an introductory flight with Aeroklubben. (fee) 

1100-1500        Ambulance, Police and Rescue helicopters on show in the air and on the ground, if not engaged in actual             operations. Times to be announced on the day.

1000-1600        Model aircraft flights demonstrated by AeroKlubben Modell of Gothenburg.

1000-1600        Membership flights in the HKP 4 Vertol helicopter (fee)



Flying programme

1000                          Paramotor demonstration flight

1030                          Chalmers Ballong Corps hot air balloon takeoff

1100                           Gyrocopter demonstration flight

1110                           Chalmers Aviation Club demonstrating advanced flying

1130                           Ultralight aircraft flying demonstration

1200                          Demonstration of a Sjöfartsverket SAR/Rescue helicopter

1215                           Aeroklubben demonstrating the Pipistrel light aircraft

1220-1400              Sjöfartsverket displaying a SAR helicopter on the ground

1230                          Göteborgs Veteranflygsällskap flypast with the Piper Cub and GV38 aircraft

1300                           Display of the HKP 4 Vertol and HKP 6 Jet Ranger helicopters together

1330                           Chalmers Aviation Club demonstrating advanced flying

1345                           Safir SK 50 aircraft displaying advanced flying

1400                          SK16 Harvard flying display

1420                           Ultralight aircraft showing their capabilities

1430                          An HKP 6 JetRanger helicopter dancing for the children and demonstrating its versatility

1445                           Gyrocopters displaying in the air

1500                           Aeroklubben demonstrating the Pipistrel light aircraft

1600                       Children’s flying weekend closing

                    Ambulance, Police and rescue helicopters will display if not engaged in actual operations



  • Ride in the Vertol helicopter under tow!
  • Enter the quiz walk to win great prizes.
  • Inspect the aircraft and helicopters on the ground and watch them in the air.
  • Watch the model aircraft displays by AeroKlubben Modell in Gothenburg.
  • Go inside the Aerosum in the underground hangar, 100 feet underground.
  • Jump on the bouncy castle.
  • Ride on the old fire engine (20 kronor).
  • Ride on the Artillery regiment armoured car with machine guns (20 kronor).
  • Paint or camouflage your face.
  • Test drive a radio-controlled boat in the pond up on the hill with La Skala.
  • Join the guided tour starting at 1 p.m. at the underground hangar entrrance.
  • The Swedish Defence Services and voluntary organisations will be demonstrating working with dogs, motorcycles, etc. Take the chance to ride in a caterpillar-tracked vehicle.
  • Defence Services motorcycle corps demonstractions at 12:00 and 14:00 (2 p.m).
  • Defence Services dog searches for persons and objects at 1:15 p-m- and 3:15 p.m.
  • The Book Bus will pay a visit on Saturday, and include aviation literature
  • Pony riding (20 kronor).
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides (30 kronor).

Food will be available from the Skepplanda Home Guard and Cultural Association!


All times are approximate and we reserve the right to make changes

Activities for which an additional fee must be paid

Round trip flights for 3 people at a time in a Helicopter
Adults SEK 450
Children up to the age of 12 SEK 300
A ride in an Armoured Personnel Carrier 20 kr
A ride in a veteral fire engine 20 kr
Taking control of a Robinson R22 helicopter yourself courtesy of SPU, 1 100 SEK card or Swish. Fom age 12, about 10 minutes
An introductory flight with Aeroklubben 1600 SEK
Pony riding 20 SEK

Osterman Helicopter / STORM Heliworks Round trip flights in a Helicopter

SAR – Search and Rescue Helicopter on Children’s Flyghelg 2016

A ride in a veteral fire engine

Terrängbil m/42 KP, Skepplanda hemvärns- och kulturförening

Terrain car w / 42 KP, Skepplanda Home Guard and Cultural Association!