Childrens’ Parties

Invite your friends to a party underground!

Now you have the chance to pretend to be a pilot at a party in Sweden’s coolest and most enjoyable fun centre! Explore with your friends a hangar that used to be top secret, 100 feet below ground. You get a short guided tour, including sitting in the cockpits of jet aircraft and helicopters. This is guaranteed to give you lfelong memories!

Childrens’ Parties can be arranged for children from 6 years and older.

Each Party includes:
Entrance tickets.
A short guided tour adapted for children.
Sitting in several aircraft and helicopter cockpits.
Choice of either a treasure hunt or competion (competition is recommended for those aged 8 or older).
Hot dogs or pancakes, a drink and of course ice cream! To be ordered during booking.
The Party ends with a trip through the secret ”ghost passage”.

Some further choices are available:
If you want both a treasure hunt and a competition, the cost is an additional 40kr per child.

Basic price 200 kr per child , minimum price 2400 kr for 12 children, 2 parents included.
For more than 12 children please add 60 kr per child, and for more adults 65 kr per person.
NOTE! In the case of 15 or more children, please add a further 600 kr to cover the cost of an additional party steward.

At the time of booking please choose between 1 hot dog or 2 pancakes with jam and cream. Additional portions will cost 20 kr each. Ice cream and a soft drink such as Festis included!

A party lasts 2 hours, and they are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays. Please select a starting time from 11, 12, 14 (2 pm) or 15 (3 pm).

Food allergies?
No problem; we can arrange for gluten-free or lactose-free or vegetarian food. Just make the request during booking.

Invitation cards (Only in Swedish)
Party card for the competition option.
Party card for the treasure hunt option.

A hearty welcome!

Tuesday – Friday 11.00-18.00 via telephone 031-55 83 00 or E-mail: or in the contact form below.
Cancellation at least 3 days before the booked day. Cancellation later than this will be debited at 50% of the total price.

13 + 6 =

This is what happens at an Aeroseum children’s party

A party steward meets everyone at the parking area shortly before the time booked for the party; you will be directed to the parking area on arrival at the red kiosk. You will have the same party steward for the whole party.


Once all the children have been assembled, the party will begin with a short guided tour of the underground hangar and its aircraft. The steward will talk about the hangar, its construction and use, and provide brief and easily understood information about the aircraft and helicopters as the group walks down the ramp inside the hangar.


Once down in the bottom of the hangar the children may if they wish take a ride, being winched up and down in the rescue basket.


After the winching, they can all sit and play in various aircraft and helicopter cockpits.


Then it will be time to eat! Hot dogs or pancakes, according to which was ordered during booking, a soft drink (e.g. Festis) and ice cream to finish with.


After eating the children start a treasure hunt or a competition, depending on which was booked, and every child will get a little surprise ….


After 2 hours the party ends and the steward takes the children out through the old ”ghost tunnel” to meet their parents at the parking area. You may wish to give out ”goody bags” when the children have emerged from the ”ghost tunnel” into the parking area,


If you have any questions or would like more information, please call us on 031-55 83 00 or send an E-mail to


You will always be very welcome at the Aeroseum!