Thulin A
AB Thulin Aeroplanfabrik

Licensed version of a French star engine from the 1910s

De Havilland Gipsy Major Series 1
De Havilland

Manufacturing number: c/n 8970

RM4 STAL Dovern II

Manufacturing number: c/n 12-6B

Prototype for jet engine intended to be used in the Saab A32A Lansen

Turbomeca Marbore IID

French jet engine used in the Swedish naval target robot Rb08A

RM2 De Havilland Ghost
Volvo Aircraft Engine (De Havilland)

Swedish license-produced version of the De Havilland Ghost jet engine used in the Saab J29 Tunnan

RM8B Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1
Volvo Aircraft Engine (Pratt & Whitney)

Manufacturing number: c/n 9497

Swedish license-produced version of the JT8D-1 used by the Saab JA 37 Viggen

RM5 Rolls-Royce Avon
Volvo Aircraft Engine (Rolls-Royce)

Manufacturing number: c/n 3044

Swedish license-produced version of Rolls-Royce Avon jet engines, used in Saav 32 Lansen and Saab 35 Draken

RM6 Rolls Royce Avon
Volvo Aircraft Engine (Rolls-Royce)

Manufacturing number: c/n 7063

Swedish licensed version of the Rolls-Royce Avon jet engine. A development of the previous RM5 used in the Saab 35 Draken

RM9 Turbomeca Aubisque
Volvo Aircraft Engine (Turbomeca)

Manufacturing number: c/n 195

Swedish license-produced version of the Turbomeca Aubisque jet engine and used in the Saab Sk60

BHT-1 Beauty

Registration/serial number: SE-ANX

Manufacturing number: 1

Home construction from 1944 by, among others, Peter Bratt

Beechcraft Model 50H Twin Bonanza

Registration/serial number: LN-DBE

Has been renovated so visitors can board.

Bleriot XI/Thulin A

Replica built as a backdrop for the film “Så vit som en snö” about Elsa Andersson.

Cessna/Reims 337G Super Skymaster

Registration/serial number: SE-GMM

Manufacturing number: c/n F377-01676

Used by the Coast Guard for ocean surveillance

De Havilland DH60III Moth Major
De Havilland

Registration/serial number: SE-AGF

Private plane flown by Gösta Fraenkel. Used during his so-called “whooping cough flights”

Dornier Do 27 A-4 Fpl53

Registration/serial number: 53271

Manufacturing number: c/n 2099

Använt av Arméflyget för persontransport, sambands-flygning, spaning och eldledning

Erco Ercoupe 415

American private plane. Belongs to GVFS. Refurbished to flying condition.


Swedish fighter plane from the 1040s. Belongs to Warbirds of Sweden. Refurbished to flying condition.

Focke Wulf 44J Stieglitz Sk12

Registration/serial number: F5 59

Manufacturing number: 647

German-made school airplane from the 1930s. From Svedino’s Car and Aviation Museum

Götaverken GV38

Registration/serial number: SE-AH?

Only trusses of the body. Identity unknown. Belongs to GVFS. Should possibly be renovated.

Kramme & Zeuthen KZIII
Kramme & Zeuthen

Registration/serial number: SE-AMA

Danish aircraft from the 1940s. Belongs to GVFS. Refurbished to flying condition

Piper PA-24-250 Comanche

Registration/serial number: SE-FFG, G-ARXI & N7542P

Fuselage only. Used as a flight simulator

Saab J35F Draken

Registration/serial number: 35528

Saab J35J Draken

Registration/serial number: 35598

Stands as a monument by the entrance road to Säve depot and Aeroseum

Saab JAS 39-2 Gripen

Registration/serial number: -2

The second prototype of the Gripen

Saab J32E Lansen

Registration/serial number: 32512

Saab J29F Tunnan

Registration/serial number: 29624

Belonged for a time to F9 as Gul Petter

Saab AJ37 Viggen

Registration/serial number: 37094

Saab AJSH37 Viggen

Registration/serial number: 37911

Especially worthy of preservation

Saab JA37 Viggen

Registration/serial number: 37397

Front body. Rebuilt into an accessible simulator.

Saab 104 Sk60

Only fuselage and cockpit completely looted. Standing outdoors above the fuel depot

Saab 91A Safir

Registration/serial number: SE-AUR

Manufacturing number: c/n 91.103

The world’s oldest flying Saab Safir. Has belonged to Uno Ranch which was the first civilian buyer of a Saab Safir

Scottish Aviation Bulldog Sk61
Scottish Aviation

Registration/serial number: SE-LNC, G-AZHV, Fv61021

Manufacturing number: c/n 125

Rebuilt into a simulator.

J35 Gatekeeper
Saab J21 F9
Viggen mountain hangar
Viggen road base
The Blitz
F22 Kongo
The Catalina Affair
The Gottröra accident
The Night Witches
Agusta-bell 204 Hkp 3B

Registration/serial number: 3425

Manufacturing number: c/n 3001

From the F16 Air Force.

Agusta-Bell 204 Hkp 3C

Registration/serial number: 3310

Manufacturing number: c/n 3071

Belongs to the first Army Aviation Battalion in Boden.

Agusta-Bell 204

Registration/serial number: 225

Belongs to the Dutch Navy

Agusta-Bell 206B Hkp 6B

Registration/serial number: 6051

Belonged to the Navy. Included in 1980 in the Ymer Expedition to the Arctic. Appointed National Exemplar

Bell 47G 5A
Bell Aircraft Corporation

Registration/serial number: SE-HPG

Belongs to the Police Flight.

MBB BO105 Hkp 9
Blohm & Voss

Registration/serial number: 9218

Manufacturing number: c/n S-1768

Anti-tank helicopter used by the Army Air Force

MMB BO105 Hkp 9
Blohm & Voss

Registration/serial number: 9221

Manufacturing number: c/n S-0721

“FC 90”

Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma Hkp 10B

Registration/serial number: H96

Manufacturing number: c/n 2099

Has the nickname “Ida”

Hughes 269 Hkp5A

Registration/serial number: 95

Manufacturing number: c/n 22-0049

Belongs to the Army Air Force

Boeing/Kawasaki-Vertol 107-II Hkp 4C

Registration/serial number: 4069

Manufacturing number: c/n 4082

Belongs to the Navy

Mil/PZL Mi-2

Registration/serial number: DOOSAF 12 Gul, ES-XAB

Participated in the operation when M/S Estonia sank.

Sud Aviation Alouette II Hkp 2
Sud Aviation

Registration/serial number: 2034

Belongs to the Navy. Ingemar Johansson flew to Ullevi on his return home after becoming world champion in boxing.

Sud Aviation Alouette III
Sud Aviation

Registration/serial number: Klu A-471 & SE-JEI

Belongs to the Dutch Armed Forces. Toy helicopter for the kids.

De Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth

Radio controlled scale model

Saab JAS 39 Gripen

Scale model

Levasseur Antoinette IV

Radio controlled scale model

North American P-51D Mustang J26

Radio controlled scale model

Ryan NYP “Spirit of St. Louis”

Radio controlled scale model

Saab J21A

Scale model of a Swedish fighter plane from the 1940s.

Spad VII

Radio controlled scale model of WW1 French fighter plane.

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A

Radio controlled scale model of British World War I fighter plane.

Bell P-39 Airacobra

Radio controlled scale model of American World War II fighter plane

North American AT-16 Harvard SK16

Radio-controlled scale model of school airplane from the 1940s.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q-300 MPRA

Scale model of Coast Guard aircraft.

CASA 212 Aviocar

Scale model of Coast Guard aircraft.

Voyager 1/2

Scale model of American space probe


Scale model of Soviet/Russian space station.


Scale model of Soviet satellite.

Bleriot XI “Nordstjernan”
Oscar Germundsson

Scale model of the “Nordstjernan” an airplane like Oscar Germundsson, the first Gothenburger to get a pilot’s license. He flew the plane both before the First World War and during his service in the Swedish Army’s flight company. The model built by Oscar Germundsson around 1920.

Naval Target Robot 08

Swedish naval target robot used by the Coastal Artillery.

Defense cannon w/41
Scania-Vabis (Kanonen Bofors AB)

Turret from a license-made Czech tank that is reused as a defense cannon.