A 300 – Airbus simulator. Aeroseum’s sharpest simulator built in an airliner cockpit. The simulator is run together with an instructor. A sensational flight experience with a 180 degree field of view. Manual flight only, no autopilot. Price 350 SEK for 30 minutes. Recommended length at least 150 cm.
Bookings are made via booking form or telephone.
From March 2023, there is an instructor on site every Saturday between 12-3pm. Then you can also book on the spot.

Email or call us for information about the A 300.
a300@aeroseum.se, 031 55 83 00

Send a booking request via the form. We will get back with an answer and booking confirmation.
Write in the message field if you wish to book longer than 30 minutes.

Airbus simulator - English