Do you want to become a volunteer?

Would you like to be part of our business? Then you can become a volunteer with us. We are a happy bunch, who meet on Tuesday evenings and work without compensation on various projects, developing the Aeroseum and preserving the Mountain and its exciting history in its original state. We need volunteers with all kinds of knowledge and experience. Younger and older, women and men.
If you are an active volunteer, you have the opportunity once a year to go on a day trip to an interesting destination that has to do with aviation, e.g. a current flight day. In addition, Aeroseum invites its volunteers to barbecue evenings in June and autumn stew in December.

In order to work as a volunteer, you must participate in a two-stage training course.
The first part is an information meeting where you get to know more about our business, take a tour of the mountain and fill in a form with personal data and focus of interest.
The next step is a safety training of about 2 hours that everyone must attend in order to work in the Aeroseum area.
After this you can participate in our work. You can either become attached to a longer project or sign up for a temporary job.
Do you have questions or are you interested in participating?
Please contact: Bengt-Arne Palmqvist,
0707-61 69 60,

Volunteer meetings
About once a month during the active volunteer season, we meet to listen to an interesting talk, get current information about Aeroseum and the various volunteer projects, talk and have coffee, etc.
Warm welcome!