Gothenburg’s veteran airline

Gothenburg’s Veteran Aviation Society

Gothenburg’s Veteran Aviation Society
In the Aeroseum, visitors can take part in the somewhat unique activities that Gothenburg’s Veteran Aviation Society, GVFS, conducts. A small number of genuine aviation enthusiasts in the GVFS building group refurbish vintage aircraft from the 30s and 40s to almost new condition, and which the members of the Society get the opportunity to fly. GVFS has been disposing of space in the Aeroseum for construction and renovation activities for ten years. Flying the machines is done on a grass field in Alingsås, where the Veteran Flying Society also has a hangar and clubhouse.
Since its establishment in 1980, GVFS has devoted a lot of time and dedication to refurbishing a rarity among vintage aircraft, namely the sports aircraft, which was manufactured by the Götaverken shipyard in Gothenburg in the late 1930s. The production of the aircraft started in 1938, and Götaverken therefore gave the aircraft the name GV 38. Only 14 examples were produced in total, and Gothenburg’s Veteran Aviation Society owns no less than three GV 38s, two of which are currently flying. The only ones in the world.


But the really interesting thing is that the Veteran Aviation Society has renovated the first GV 38 that Götaverken produced, SE-AHC. It is equipped with the original engine, a five-cylinder radial engine. The aircraft has now reached completion and has gone through an extensive inspection program to obtain air clearance. The machine flew for the first time in October 1938 and is now flying again, during test flights.
But GVFS has more vintage aircraft to display – a Piper Cub from 1943, a KZ III, which is a Danish design from 1945, and an Ercoupe from 1947. Both the KZ and the Ercoupe are restorations and can be viewed in the GVFS space in the Aeroseum. The Cube, like the other GV 38, AHG, which is flying, can be found in Alingsås.
In the GVFS space there is yet another rarity, namely the small, single-seater aircraft BHT-1 Beauty, constructed in the 40s by three technologists. One of them, Erik Bratt, eventually became legendary as the person responsible for Saab’s revolutionary design, the J35 Draken. Beauty is owned by the Swedish Aviation History Association, but is deposited at Aeroseum, to the great delight of all visiting aviation enthusiasts.
Therefore, take the opportunity to visit the GVFS space in the Aeroseum, there is a lot of interesting things to see. On Tuesdays, the business is in full swing and then you can get detailed information about what is happening.


If you are a pilot, you are welcome to become a member and to fly our machines at the Alingsås field. Contact chairman Gert Böll on phone 0708-90 56 25 or by email to
Those of you who are interested in participating in the renovation activities are very welcome to get in touch. Email to
As a supporting member, you are an important cog in the business and get to fly along as a passenger in our klenodes, plus you get to join our pleasant barbecue evenings and other events. Feel free to go to the website and read about how to become a member, or contact chairman Gert Böll (see above), who will be happy to tell you about the business and answer questions.
Meet Gothenburg’s veteran airline company
Every Tuesday at 1300 in the Aeroseum’s Ship no. 2 you can meet the people who keep old beautiful Veteran airplanes flying.