Aeroseum Flight Experience Center



The world-unique facility in Säve consists of an underground rock room of 22,000 m2. The land area above ground is 70000m2.
The mountain hangar was completed in 1955 and is close to 30 m underground and was built at the then Göta Air Force Base (F9) now Säve Airport.
Since January 1, 2008, the Aeroseum has been part of the Swedish Military Historical Heritage (SMHA) network, which is classified under the Statens Försvarshistoriska Museer (SFHM).
The mountain complex with surrounding land areas is owned by Fastighetskontoret Gothenburg

Due to the Cold War and the threat of nuclear weapons, the new and significantly larger rock hangar was built deep below ground level. The picture with the J 29 Tunnan was taken in 1958, three years after the inauguration of “Nya Berget”.


In the aviation history cultural facility Aeroseum, the history and development of aviation is shown. Everything from Ikaros to today’s modern airplanes, helicopters and other flying craft. Civil, military, national and international.
Aeroseum is an experience-based activity center where you should be able to experience the environment and the feeling of flying craft with all your senses. In addition to seeing all these items, visitors are also given the opportunity to build, restore, fly virtually and even fly for real with vintage airplanes and helicopters. In the scenic area on top of the mountain complex, an aviation-oriented knowledge park is being built.
The exhibitions are presented in experiential, experimental and educational form. We want to stimulate children’s and young people’s interest in technology and natural science subjects.
The Aeroseum offers experiences not previously available to the public, including flying vintage airplanes and helicopters.

The vision was drawn up in 1999 and much of it has today been realized!