Café markan

Good selection of affordable coffee, sandwiches and simpler dishes

Café Markan

CAFÉ MARKAN – Welcome to the Flight Taste Experience!

Sit down and enjoy a break in the Aeroseum’s charming café Markan, also known as “marketenteri.” Here, coffee-hungry families with children and aviation enthusiasts from all over the world meet in an atmosphere that breathes community.

Our menu offers lighter food options, from classic sausages with bread to well-prepared paninis and delicate pancakes. The sweet tooth is satisfied with our delicious selection of ice cream and coffee. In addition, we have an extensive range of gluten-free and lactose/milk protein-free options. Of course, there are also vegetarian delicacies for those who wish.

Don’t forget to explore our well-stocked flight shop – a treasure chest for all ages with a passion for aviation. From exciting flight films to detailed plastic models, enticing books and toys that awaken the inner pilot in young and old.

SCALE FLIGHT – A Heavenly Experience above Your Heads!

Look up at the ceiling and discover our unique scale flight exhibition. These artistic masterpieces add an extra dimension to your coffee time, created to be enjoyed while you socialize. Every detail of these miniature airplanes tells a story and enhances the already magical atmosphere at Café Markan.

Take a seat, let your taste buds and imagination fly freely, and experience the Taste Experience of Flight at Café Markan – where every visit becomes a journey through both flavors and aviation history.