2 Helicopter Division

Helicopter 4, Y 70

2 helicopter division

The government decided in 2004 to reduce the number of helicopter bases in Sweden. This meant that the 2nd Helicopter Division in Gothenburg would be disbanded. On April 28, 2006, a more than 30-year era at Säve came to an end.
In 2013, the government made a decision on the total decommissioning of Helikopter 4 and in February a deal was announced in which the Defense Export Authority sold ten of the country’s fourteen Helikopter 4 to the American private company Columbia Helicopters in the USA. Of the remaining four helicopters, one ended up at the Air Force Museum in Linköping and three at the Aeroseum.
Aeroseum then wished that a Helicopter 4 would be prepared and kept flying within the Aeroseum organization.
As part of the Aeroseum organization, the 2nd Helicopter Division was recreated in 2013 by the former officers and civilians who had belonged to the original 2nd Helicopter Division before its disbandment. They were prepared to take on the task of realizing the desire to have one of the three assigned Helikopter 4 (Y70) authorized in the Swedish civil aviation system.

The goal is to be able to carry out flights annually in connection with the Children’s Flight Weekend and a flight day in the fall.
In addition to these fixed flight days, additional flights will be carried out if necessary.
The Y70 was delivered in 1974 to the Marine Aviation and was based at 2. Hkpdiv, Säve for most of its time.
Removed from service in the Armed Forces in 2011
Landed on Säve in 2011
Aeroseum/2. Hkpdiv was established in 2013
2013 – 2018 Storage maintenance and engine – and rotor starters
First flight 2018-10-15
On November 14, 2018, the helicopter received a national flight permit

Contact person
Jan Ljungholm
070 899 23 80

Bogserar Y 70 Vertol
Foto Anna Sahlback

HKP 4 Yngve 70. Decision on aircraft classified as an aircraft of cultural historical value

HKP 4 Yngve 70. Decision on aircraft classified as an aircraft of cultural historical value A fantastic success for the work of the 2 helicopter division. The text below is the decision on HKP 4 Yngve 70, which was sent to us from the Swedish Transport Agency.
The link below is in Swedish.